got - stormborn dragon

hello again!

Wow, it's been quite some time since we've posted anything in here. I don't know if any of you still frequent livejournal but if you do, hello! A few months ago I was asked on Tumblr why rainwash & I haven't been making icons and if we were going to do gif requests anytime soon, to which I answered maybe. Now that I am trying to make my return to livejournal I've decided that, if anybody is actually interested, that in a few days time I will be taking gif requests :) So let me know!

Otherwise, here are a few icons I've made today (specifically for this post, to be quite honest). 

+ Game of Thrones (29)
   - Cersei Lannister
   - Daenerys Stormborn
   - Jon Snow

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TV - my official SYTYCD icon

completely objective

So You Think You Can Dance [season 5]

I love Evan & Randi sfm. And last episode made me love Jeanine and Philip even more.
I'm sorry my icons are so biased :P I'm just more ~inspired~ by certain couples over others.

If you have a PSA that you would like to be put onto an icon, leave a reply!

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got - stormborn dragon

you are the one

I have had these sitting on my computer for a while, saying that I would get around to posting more. I never did, and probably never will, so ! I'm just going to post up what I have. + Don't mind the erratic-ness of the animated ones :x

Boys Over Flowers, Beethoven Virus, George Nozuka, Justin Nozuka.

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got - stormborn dragon

introductions required

Hello there :) You all probably have no idea who I am, but ! I am here to service you with icons of mainly Korean pop culture icons and, sometimes, food. The quality of my icons no way match the ♥♥♥ of rainwash 's but :x I hope you like them, anyway. Excuse the extra brightness & sharpness of the icons -- my monitor tends to skew certain elements. T_T; 123 icons in total. I need to improve my gif skills, but that will come at ... some point ;0;

Big Bang, DBSK, Wondergirls, Justin Nozuka and a few others.

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OTHER - flailing panda

s u g g e s t i o n s

It's been seven months since I've actually posted manga icons. I didn't even realise it was that long :P So instead of the usual tv/olympics/whatever icons I've been posting the last seven months, have at you: some manga icons.

These may or may not look like my previous icons. Change of style? Lost of mojo? Who knows :)

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Truly, an icon dump. Here are some icons I've made but have been too lazy to post.

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OTHER - flailing panda

oh look, no mr. phelps!

A smaller post with some experimentation in colouring.

Yes, I am surprised myself that I am making icons, even after swimming is over. I seriously didn't intend to since I can only icon events that I really like (inspiration, you know?). But, I've been catching onto Beach Volleyball as of late, and I'm really into it!

Oh and one Lochte icon, because he deserves it XD

And some Despatie because he's Canadian! █♥█

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