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o h ★ s n a p e
icon community of some sort
5th-Jul-2009 07:49 pm - completely objective
TV - my official SYTYCD icon
So You Think You Can Dance [season 5]

I love Evan & Randi sfm. And last episode made me love Jeanine and Philip even more.
I'm sorry my icons are so biased :P I'm just more ~inspired~ by certain couples over others.

If you have a PSA that you would like to be put onto an icon, leave a reply!

philip's knees are torn up, and we have chains all over the place in our apartmentCollapse )
2nd-Apr-2009 12:24 pm - you are the one
got - stormborn dragon
I have had these sitting on my computer for a while, saying that I would get around to posting more. I never did, and probably never will, so ! I'm just going to post up what I have. + Don't mind the erratic-ness of the animated ones :x

Boys Over Flowers, Beethoven Virus, George Nozuka, Justin Nozuka.

follow the yellow brick roadCollapse )
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